ViewIt is likely that DropBox has changed the game field or at least the desired and expectations of what the conventional FTPs had to offer. It is hard to envision a storage service now a days without a syncing utility. Those services that lacked such an alternative ended up playing catch up and adapting.

This might change in a very near feature but yet there is a minuscule community that hesitates to lever the power of the browser entirely. Today we count with Google Docs, Office 365, and even Office Online, to name a few, and yet our desire to remain completely functional on the cloud is at times not present.

I had an exposure to this social experiment, when a few known stakeholders who happen to be SharePoint users insisted on working on their documents – Document Libraries - outside the browser and thus outside the IE ActiveX object realm.

Thankfully, SharePoint 2013 introduced OneDrive which possess a great Synchronization feature. Yet, It leave SharePoint 2010 Farm users salivating over similar Synchronization tools. For 2010 application, Third Party Synchronization tools are really expensive and at times complex. Since Free is always better. I embarked in the task of creating a Sync tool for 2010 Farm Users.