Culture is very hard to define, yet it is that very profound footprint that defines who we are. The very essence of culture starts in that early human interaction of every individual’s upbringing, where we acquire some of our parent’s values and they become imprinted within us.

The movie that has most inspired me is Life is Beautiful (1997) directed by Roberto Benigni - Guido. The movie recounts the story of a father that helps his son, Joshua, survive by pretending their crude reality is all a game.

The movie is the vivid language of parental sacrifice, but it also displays the compelling determination of a parent to teach his children a life with joy despite unbearable circumstances. Guido saves Joshua by awakening his inner child, and through his dad inner child Joshua was invited to a realm of fantasy yet joy.

In the last scene of the movie, Joshua's statement is as follows: “This is my story, this is the sacrifice my father made, this is his gift to me”

Those of us that believe that our parents are our true heroes, have the responsibility to activate the inner child within us, and let it shine before the eyes of our children. My heroes thought me that a man’s joy is his most valuable possession.