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Historical Stock Prices – Telerik Reporting Parameters at Run Time



In the following example we revisited the sample project where we created a Chart Object with Telerik Reporting at runtime. Every time I create Chart objects at design time, I find myself going under the hood in one way or the other, this to enhance customization. Needless to say, I am not stating that design time does not enable us for customization. However, I rather enjoy going directly to the API. My perception is that in instances this might be a faster route.

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Telerik Reporting Formatting Without Conditional Formatting

ID-100127516 Again with some Telerik Reporting goodies. If you observe my previous post, you would notice that Telerik Reporting is not only my favorite reporting tool but also one of my favorite .NET libraries to work with. This time I write to unveil one additional solution that may not be consider one of the most intuitive or yet most proximate.

Telerik Reporting provides the ability to implement conditional formation in a global level but also in a singular level at a report item. In writing several reports, I have had to introduce numerous formatting rules. Very seldom one rule would apply for the whole report.

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Telerik Reporting–The Getting Started Code

Chart I had a great opportunity to blog about one of the technologies I am very much in love with and continue to embrace. It has been a little time since my previous post in which I introduced the API.

Since then, Telerik Reporting has introduced very exciting new features, HTML5 Report viewer, responsive design and Report Designer just to name a few. Telerik Reporting is yet providing us with plenty to talk about.

The Telerik company has rebrand itself and with that It has change the reporting API - although not quite significantly. Specific to Telerik Reporting, it is needless to say that the support that Telerik Reporting has out of the box, to aid create engaging reports, is very powerful.

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iBook Like Enterprise Report

WPF Book Control

The first time I was introduced to iBook, I was far from embracing this whole new reading concept.

I have yet the vivid memory of my parent quoting Spanish philosopher Marcelino Mendez y Pelayo – “Que lastima tenerme que morir, cuando me queda tanto por leer” It translates “It Is a shame I have to die, with so many books yet to read

I cannot avoid wondering whether Mendez y Pelayo would have welcome iBooks, and sacrifice the touch of the paper fiber at the tips of his hands with ease.

Despite early hesitations of the community to give up the millenary art of flipping a page, Book-Like interfaces have been able to engage audiences in a very profound way.

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Telerik Report-Table API

Simplicity is the element of the extraordinary. The first time I saw Telerik Reporting in action I was fascinated on how powerful yet simple this tool API seemed. Graphs

This tool offered numerous advantages over other reporting tools in the industry. Yet, I was hesitant due to past experience with products that the end of the day overpromised but mostly under deliver.

Today, I cannot convey enough how wonderful my experience has been with Telerik Reporting. This acquisition has given me the power to create complex reporting software in no time at all. Neither I needed to concern in the development environment; Telerik Reporting plays absolutely well with WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC and Windows Forms; with every report viewer offering a professional look and amazing modern appeal.

Unlike other tools,the software development experience with Telerik Reporting has been joyful. Developers tend to focus their attention directly to the API when they seek after understanding a development technology. Even in Forums, It is very evident the code centered characteristic of developer that get their hands on this tool for the first time. Nonetheless, Telerik Reporting counts with a powerful design viewer, which provides a fascinating “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSISYG) report generation capabilities.

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Telerik Report–Charting API

ID-100106943Jim Rohn stated “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” Yet, I find myself resilient in desiring for things not only to be easier but also for them to be enjoyable. It is not my goal to challenge Jim Rohn wisdom, however, I believe I will adopt a similar principle “Don’t wish it were easier, wish it be enjoyable.”

In my pilgrimage as a software developer I find excitement when stumbling upon an Application Programming Interface (API) that make application development fun and enjoyable. In a previous post, I had the opportunity to show a brief task of creating a Telerik Report table. In this post, I take on a chart creation at run time. This area is one of the most enjoyable of the Teleirk Repoting API.

Like in any charting API available, it is imperative to understand the objects or components that bring about a chart object. In the section below, I attempt to explain a few chart components, although, within the context of the Telerik Report API. Understanding these will save up a substantial amount of time, this principle holds true for any API we may encounter.

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