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From the category archives: JavaScript


An Awesome JavaScript Asynchronous Library – JSDeffered


A few JavaScript libraries are born to change your work for the better. They may beget in hours of code becoming more enjoyable and more beautifully written. There is one in particular I have come to enjoyed for the last year and half, this one is JSDeffered. Probs go to @cho45 for this awesome! work.

JSDeffered is a JavaScript Asynchronous Library that is very intuitive and easy to use. The vision here is to eliminate – the awfully and maze looking – nested callback pattern; and implemented a more flatten approach.

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Multi-Model Flexible Application with AngularJS and .NET


Scaffolding all the client side models under an AngularJS application could be a laborious task. Even more laborious could become if we are to make changes to our model server side, and then have those changes be reflected client side. Now Imagine you are to have a good number of these models under a single application, moreover you are the only developer making this application a reality.

The technique exposed here is not always applicable. Nonetheless, It could be utilized in some application which could end up saving a great degree of time and heartache. In my scenario, the application utilized a NoSQL database on the back end. For most applications with this nature (NoSQL Databases such as RavenDB, MongoDB or DynamoDB) It is easy to implement what I am about to discuss.

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