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S.CLOUD SharePoint Document Library Visualization Tool



S.CLOUD was born to provide a unique experience – across all devices – of enjoying SharePoint Document Libraries in a new engaging and very fun way; Circumventing the need for adopting a Third Party expensive solution.

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An Awesome JavaScript Asynchronous Library – JSDeffered


A few JavaScript libraries are born to change your work for the better. They may beget in hours of code becoming more enjoyable and more beautifully written. There is one in particular I have come to enjoyed for the last year and half, this one is JSDeffered. Probs go to @cho45 for this awesome! work.

JSDeffered is a JavaScript Asynchronous Library that is very intuitive and easy to use. The vision here is to eliminate – the awfully and maze looking – nested callback pattern; and implemented a more flatten approach.

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Historical Stock Prices – Telerik Reporting Parameters at Run Time



In the following example we revisited the sample project where we created a Chart Object with Telerik Reporting at runtime. Every time I create Chart objects at design time, I find myself going under the hood in one way or the other, this to enhance customization. Needless to say, I am not stating that design time does not enable us for customization. However, I rather enjoy going directly to the API. My perception is that in instances this might be a faster route.

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Multi-Model Flexible Application with AngularJS and .NET


Scaffolding all the client side models under an AngularJS application could be a laborious task. Even more laborious could become if we are to make changes to our model server side, and then have those changes be reflected client side. Now Imagine you are to have a good number of these models under a single application, moreover you are the only developer making this application a reality.

The technique exposed here is not always applicable. Nonetheless, It could be utilized in some application which could end up saving a great degree of time and heartache. In my scenario, the application utilized a NoSQL database on the back end. For most applications with this nature (NoSQL Databases such as RavenDB, MongoDB or DynamoDB) It is easy to implement what I am about to discuss.

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Material Design and Polymer, A Shows Tile Application

Show-flick - The Application

Being a fan and an adopter of AngularJS myself, I was very excited when Google released Polymer. It is not that I favor an alternative to AngularJS; it is rather that I praised the efforts for a library that focus on components. I celebrated through the introduction of Polymer - when encountering that this library also have mustache binding {{}}. Incorrectly, this induce me to think that Polymer could be a flexible transition from AngularJS.

I was fast attracted by the ability to import components through a single line. No need to inject JavaScript files based on components, no need on adjusting code to make room for the new code; if the component works then it works! This was to me an exciting idea. More exciting was for me to discover that there is a community on the road of web component already on their way.

I embarked in a path of creating an application with Polymer in an attempt to dig deep into the Polymer intrinsics. Needless to say that Polymer and AngularJS are very different in nature. This post is a description of the key important features I encounter with Polymer.

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Telerik Reporting Formatting Without Conditional Formatting

ID-100127516 Again with some Telerik Reporting goodies. If you observe my previous post, you would notice that Telerik Reporting is not only my favorite reporting tool but also one of my favorite .NET libraries to work with. This time I write to unveil one additional solution that may not be consider one of the most intuitive or yet most proximate.

Telerik Reporting provides the ability to implement conditional formation in a global level but also in a singular level at a report item. In writing several reports, I have had to introduce numerous formatting rules. Very seldom one rule would apply for the whole report.

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Synchronize SharePoint Document Library Files to a Folder Like DropBox

ViewIt is likely that DropBox has changed the game field or at least the desired and expectations of what the conventional FTPs had to offer. It is hard to envision a storage service now a days without a syncing utility. Those services that lacked such an alternative ended up playing catch up and adapting.

This might change in a very near feature but yet there is a minuscule community that hesitates to lever the power of the browser entirely. Today we count with Google Docs, Office 365, and even Office Online, to name a few, and yet our desire to remain completely functional on the cloud is at times not present.

I had an exposure to this social experiment, when a few known stakeholders who happen to be SharePoint users insisted on working on their documents – Document Libraries - outside the browser and thus outside the IE ActiveX object realm.

Thankfully, SharePoint 2013 introduced OneDrive which possess a great Synchronization feature. Yet, It leave SharePoint 2010 Farm users salivating over similar Synchronization tools. For 2010 application, Third Party Synchronization tools are really expensive and at times complex. Since Free is always better. I embarked in the task of creating a Sync tool for 2010 Farm Users.

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Telerik Reporting–The Getting Started Code

Chart I had a great opportunity to blog about one of the technologies I am very much in love with and continue to embrace. It has been a little time since my previous post in which I introduced the API.

Since then, Telerik Reporting has introduced very exciting new features, HTML5 Report viewer, responsive design and Report Designer just to name a few. Telerik Reporting is yet providing us with plenty to talk about.

The Telerik company has rebrand itself and with that It has change the reporting API - although not quite significantly. Specific to Telerik Reporting, it is needless to say that the support that Telerik Reporting has out of the box, to aid create engaging reports, is very powerful.

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The Data Behind a 20 Minute Mobile App


A quick glance to my previous posts would show my liking to insightful quotes. I admire those who had the wonderful ability to recite them by memory.

Unfortunately, I have never possessed such a dazzling memory. Thus, I seek the ability to making quotes accessible hoping to increase my ability of sounding more insightful.

The example I am about to introduce, elaborates on one of my favorites C# open source libraries I have found – the HTML Agility Pack. This is a .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML. The object model is very similar to what proposes System.Xml, but for HTML documents.

I used HTML Agility Pack and SQLlite, in order to build a lightweight database that I could utilized in my mobile application. SQLlite is used constantly in mobile applications today, thus it is a good storage technology to be informed about.

The iOS application, in this post was built by using a JavaScript open source library named PhoneGap and Jquery Mobile. PhoneGap enables you to build iOS and Android applications via Javascript and a UIWebView Control.

In a later posts, I may introduce the discussion on creating Jquery Mobile controls on the mobile applications. However, In this post I will stay within the scope of the HTML Agility Pack Library.

If you were to build a SQLlite table similar to the one presented in this post, and if building it from a .NET application, It is important to download the SQLite drivers for .NET and the SQLlite Browser

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The History Behind Talking Riko Mobile App


Culture is very hard to define, yet it is that very profound footprint that defines who we are. The very essence of culture starts in that early human interaction of every individual’s upbringing, where we acquire some of our parent’s values and they become imprinted within us.

The movie that has most inspired me is Life is Beautiful (1997) directed by Roberto Benigni - Guido. The movie recounts the story of a father that helps his son, Joshua, survive by pretending their crude reality is all a game.

The movie is the vivid language of parental sacrifice, but it also displays the compelling determination of a parent to teach his children a life with joy despite unbearable circumstances. Guido saves Joshua by awakening his inner child, and through his dad inner child Joshua was invited to a realm of fantasy yet joy.

In the last scene of the movie, Joshua's statement is as follows: “This is my story, this is the sacrifice my father made, this is his gift to me”

Those of us that believe that our parents are our true heroes, have the responsibility to activate the inner child within us, and let it shine before the eyes of our children. My heroes thought me that a man’s joy is his most valuable possession.

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